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You can feel results immediately. As your able to regulate your heating and cooling, you can reduce your energy costs up to 40%, you can gain overall better air quality to keep more pollutants out as your wall will reduce humidity and stop mold growth.

Our Injection foam can stop those nasty drafts that are present in your existing walls. Unlike conventional materials such as fiberglass and cellulose, injection foam completely fills the cavity and no more cracks or gaps. Once injection foam is put in your walls it will always stay in place.

Injection foam ensures your home's cavities are fully sealed and stops air leakage. Insulate existing walls without the mess of a full remodel. Enjoy your indoor temperature again without your HVAC equipment working overtime.

Injection foam installer using a hose to apply foam insulation to the inside of a home's exterior wall from outside the house to provide a comfier interior experience during summer and winter months.
One Common Question People Ask is "What if an electrician needs to do rewiring in the wall? RetroFoam injection foam insulation is quite pliable, so if the need arises to replace wiring, an experienced electrician can easily work with the material. Check out our Learning Center for some more answers to questions. But if you're antsy like many of our customers are about getting that solution to help you with drafts, cold, humidity, lowering energy bills, give us a call and get your quote now!
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I had Fox Cities RetroFoam insulate my walls a couple of weeks ago and am delighted with the results. I live near a highway, and it reduces the road noise. My home now has an even temperature in all rooms. The crew was on time and answered all of my questions. They work very well together, ensuring they can get foam in every spot. I am glad I found them online. Even the office staff was wonderful to work with. I love a company that takes the time to communicate with the customer!! Thank you, Fox Cities RetroFoam keep up the excellent work. I wish more companies operated like you guys. - Brad S.

See RetroFoam in action and how it works with existing insulation in your walls.

The outcome of their work is remarkable. I have already noticed an improvement in the efficiency of my home and it has only been a couple of weeks. My house holds set temperatures much longer and only increases a degree or two during peak heat of the day. The insulation work has made a noticeable difference in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature... I wholeheartedly recommend Fox Cities RetroFoam for any insulation project. Their professionalism, exceptional workmanship, and outstanding customer service make them stand out as a top-level contractor. I am very satisfied with the results and I will not hesitate to hire them again for any future home improvement needs. - Jason L.